Seed Cleaning


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Several factors come into play when deciding how to handle your material.

Proper post-harvest processing is critical to maximizing yield, longevity, vigor, and overall quality of the seed crop and biomass to be used.

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At maturity, crops must be harvested, dried, threshed, and separated into various high-value fractions and low-value waste. Each of these steps requires proper timing, skills, and equipment. In the harvesting process and after threshing, seeds are usually mixed with other plant materials.

Mechanical Screening

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After threshing, generally, the first machine used in seed cleaning is an air/screen cleaner. This machine uses air as a first pass to remove light or fine material. The next phase involves mechanical screening. Screens with various hole sizes are commonly used to separate seeds based on size either by hand or by machine.

Gravity Separation

shane gravity sep

Cleaning seeds by differences in specific gravity is one of the oldest seed-cleaning techniques. Seeds and materials are dropped before a wind source, and the heavier materials fall closer to the wind source while lighter materials are carried further from the wind source. This method is effective for quick, small-scale operations, and is the method of choice for commercial scale.